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Door Specifications

Wood: Honduran Mahogany, Poplar, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Ash, Teak and all other fine hardwoods.


Construction: Stiles and rails are assembled using cope and stick construction with ½”x 5” hardwood dowels. Exterior type I glue is used and set under pressure for superior strength and durability.


Moldings: Interior and exterior moldings can be chosen for many standard profiles or made to your own custom design and specifications.


Stiles: Laminated construction is used with 5/16” resawn hardwood for exterior doors, 3/16” plain sawn hardwood veneer for interior doors, laminated to a Eastern White Pine Stave Core for exterior, and S.C.L. core for interior with solid hardwood matching edges.


Rails: Solid lumber is used for all doors.


Panels: Solid stock with 1/8” banding is used for 1 ¾” doors. For 2 ½” doors, a three ply panel is used, consisting of two hardwood floating panels.


Profiles: We offer three standard profiles, but we can create unlimited custom profiles


Shaped Jambs: Our jambs are laminated and bandsawn from solid stock.


Door Unit: The combination of our two-member jamb, weather stripping and interlocking saddle assures you a precision fit and total energy seal.


Transom: We can provide any shape frame, sash and mutins:

  • True muntin
  • Compound radius
  • True radius
  • Rectangular


French Doors: French doors are made to your specifications. European five-point locking system is available. All French doors are true divided lights. Simulated also available.

Windows and doors are constructed in 1 ¾” or 2 ¼ “ thicknesses. Artistic’s entry doors are constructed in 2 ¼ ”- 3” thickness. Weather-stripping is metal interlock T-Type and neoprene. Door weather stripping is a fully concealed compression type along the full perimeter. Hardware is solid brass as a base offering with many options available including custom selections. Jambs are full depth to your specifications.

Artistic uses many glazing compositions in our manufacture and can help you select the best glazing options for your project. Finish options are:   

  • Primed to one side or both sides
  • Primed and painted with high quality domestic paints such as PPG and Benjamin Moore
  • Split finish such as stained one side and primed or primed and painted one side
  • Stained both sides with Sikkens Cetol products.

Divided lites are true/ authentic and we have over 20 different styles to choose from. For further information regarding our products, please call or write us.